Chezchez is a celebration of terrace and aperitivo culture. The energy at Chezchez is light and bright with energy moving freely between the interior and exterior of the space.

Our heated terrace includes a mix of table types, bistro chairs, and side-table stools, making for an exciting addition to the already lovely counter-covered inside, and gorgeous, intimate upstairs event space.


Chezchez embraces the simplicity of ingredients. Nothing overcomplicated with fluff or fussy platings. We offer delicious tins, cured meats, stinky cheese, lots of veggies, more seafood, some fried stuff, a whole artichoke, and baguettes with everything.


Chezchez honors the aperitif in all its forms through wines, cocktails, and other beverages. The sommelier-selected wine list is robust, dynamic, and alive with a strong perspective. Our cocktail offering includes many familiar drinks that may blur the lines. We give full permission to break the rules by ordering one of our signature Bloodies after dark, or anytime we’re open, in fact.